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Her Legacy Now Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

Pepa Paniagua (she/hers) is a pastor, facilitator, speaker, and writer. A native to California, she is a 49ers and Giants fan, who finds herself living and working in North Texas with her wife, Kelli and their 3 dogs. Pepa is the founding pastor of kin•dom community, a new worshipping community that is direct in its outreach and transparent welcome to the LBGTQIA community and others who have felt cast out by or uncomfortable in "traditional" church. She is an advocate and ally, and does her best to gently lead others through the sometimes hard conversations about inclusion and the vast expanse of God's love. Growing up between the redwoods and the sea, Pepa believes that as much can be learned by placing your bare feet in the sand and listening, as can be from any book. She believes in the relentless love of God, the deep and abiding wisdom of women, and transforming power of a well made cup of coffee.