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Her Legacy Now Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

Have trouble saying no? Carmen and Nikolai talk all about setting boundaries in work, dating, relationships, and plain ole life. Get tools on how to say no when you know a situation or person is no longer in alignment with your highest self.

Dec 30, 2020

It's so easy to get stuck in overwhelm and anxiety. Stephanie and Carmen discuss tools to help you beat anxiety so you thrive even while under pressure.

Dec 29, 2020

When building a business or working towards your goals, strategy is great, but add in some mindset and thought work and you're bound to be successful. Carmen talks to the Million Dollar Mommy on how she became a millionaire as a single mom and the tools that have helped get her there!

Dec 28, 2020

Want to manifest in your sleep? Dream warrior Jen Alvarez talks with Carmen about how you can sow the seeds of your desires in your dreams. Manifestation can literally be done while you sleep using ancient practices!

Dec 27, 2020

Brtiny and Carmen talk all about self-love. They discuss how to do mirror work and why making yourself a priority is the most important thing you can do. Self-love really is your superpower. It's time to tap into it!